Integration with External Systems


Possibilities for integration with HR Manage are endless. HR Manage contains standard tools for importing data from payrolls, old HR systems as well as report writing tools to export data to other databases, Excel files, CSV, XML, etc. Most of these features can be automated.

For integration with other specialised systems like eLearning, Access Control, Time & Attendance and other custom software that don’t expose public APIs, we usually use the PeopleRes Data Manager utility or develop a small plugin or utility that handles the data transfer between the systems.

Standard Integration Options

SAP / Payroll Integration

HR Manage can integrate with virtually any payroll, either via importing exported files from the payroll or via direct importing from the payroll’s data source. The available integration methods are dependent on the payroll being used. Where requested, we can also develop custom integration solutions that allows HR Manage to write data back to the payroll or even to other systems like gate access control, medical systems, etc.

HR Manage usually imports employee data and the specifications of what exactly gets imported, is determined by the client. For more detailed information on this, see the HR Manage Importer Module.


With the help of the PeopleRes Data Manager utility, we can export data from the HR Manage database to a file, SQL Database or even a FTP site. The upgraded utility can even export the data to a password protected zip file, upload / download it via FTP and extract it on the other end and insert the records into a SQL Server database. This works ideal for transferring data between the cloud and a SQL Server database on a private network.
The exports can be scheduled to run at certain intervals and achieving this is simple configuration and scheduling on the server.

Advanced Integration Options

Custom Development

Most of the Advanced Integration options will usually require a small plugin, utility or API to be developed. Integration is possible in a number of ways and the method used for integration and the level of integration will depend on what technology is available to the provider of the 3rd party system. We’ve integrated with various custom software systems including a Document Management and Forms Processing system where employee information with their scanned documents are received via a web service and enrolled in HR Manage.

HR Manage allows for the following methods of integration:

SQL Server Access

We can provide an utility that can read or write directly to a table in a specified database. If the requirements are simple enough, the existing PeopleRes Data Manager utility can be used and thus no additional development is required. We usually use this method when integrating with Access Control Systems.

Web API Plugin

By developing a small plugin that resides on the HR Manage server, it will enable 3rd party applications to request and submit data to HR Manage via the HR Manage Online platform. The plugin defines methods that can be called and simply listens for actions that matches its signature. We usually use this method when integrating with eLearning systems.

Plugin Workflow Activity

It is now possible to develop plugin activities that can perform custom actions and validations on the workflow, data outside the workflow or even submit data to or retrieve data from external / 3rd party systems. It works seemlessly as part of a workflow in HR Manage and we even have controls to handle “failure” from the external system.

HR Manage UI Plugin

This option allows us (or a 3rd party developer) to develop a new plugin that will form part of the HR Manage Windows application. It can be something simple like adding a custom report or something more complex like viewing and capturing information in another database related to the record selected in HR Manage.